As heard on this week’s episode of Life Well Learned, fitness in the workplace is beneficial in a variety of ways to the employee as well as the employer. The following ten simple workouts are ones that you can do by yourself, for free, to reap physical and mental benefits.

  1. Walk. The simplest workout that you can do at work is a leisurely ten-minute stroll. Whether it be around the block on a sunny day or around your floor on a rainy one, there is no excuse to not incorporate this easy workout into your daily routine.
  2. Take the stairs. Besides walking, taking the stairs is the other simplest workout you can do to improve your daily fitness routine. If you’re feeling bold, you can do sets of running up the stairs and walking back down, but even using them as an alternative to the elevator is an easy incorporation in your daily life.
  3. The desk pushup. Put your hands on the edge of your desk about shoulder width apart and your legs behind you so that your arms are supporting your entire body weight. Try to do ten pushups in this position.
  4. Chair dips. Holding onto the edge of your chair for leverage with your legs at a 90-degree angle, lift yourself up and down in front of the seat ten times.
  5. Replace your chair with a stability ball. This workout allows you to get work done while reaping the benefits that a stability ball provides. Best done in 20-minute intervals, sitting on the ball will improve your posture, as well as work out your back and abs, according to WikiHow
  6. Wall sits. With your thighs parallel to the ground, stand with your back flat against the wall in one-minute intervals.
  7. Leg raises. One of the most subtle, yet beneficial, workouts you can add to your daily routine is leg raises, says Greatist. In ten second intervals, extend one of your legs while sitting in your chair and leave it raised for ten seconds.
  8. Wall planks. Stand about a foot away from the wall and lean against it, supporting yourself with only your forearms. Hold this position for 30 seconds and increase as needed.
  9. Jumping jacks. The classics are classics for a reason, and jumping jacks are a tried and true method of maintaining bodily health. Do them for one minute, and you’ll feel the impact in your heart, lungs and muscles.
  10. Magic Carpet Ride. According to Forbes, this workout improves your arms and core. Sit crisscross applesauce in your chair and lift yourself in the air using the armrests. Stay there for 20 seconds. Repeat five times.