During these uncertain times, parents are thrust into the spotlight. Parents and guardians are now having to serve as educators, while wearing many other hats and possibly working full time from home. Culturally, it is a shift for every kid and caregiver in America.

While managing this can be a challenge, here are some fun and educational resources to help:

  1. Khan Academy: nonprofit with the mission to provide a free, world-class education for anyone, anywhere
  2. Shmoop: test prep, essay help, study guides
  3. Parent Toolkit by NBC News Learn: academics, social & emotional support, health & wellness resources
  4. Scholastic Classroom Magazines: virtual learning resources to build knowledge, engagement and skills in every content area.
  5. Go Noodle.com: movement and mindfulness videos created by child development experts
  6. ABC Mouse: digital education program for children ages 2–8
  7. IXL: customized, interactive learning tools from count with stickers for preschoolers to middle school science skills
  8. Storyline Online: improve literacy with books read to children with supplemental curriculum for each book
  9. Ed Helper: free worksheets while school is out, for pre-k through high school
  10. Time for Kids: literacy tools for all ages, as interactive articles

    Phonics Hero: worksheet packets for literacy support