Liz Mantel

Using personal and professional experiences as her guide, Liz Mantel presents a modern take on lifelong learning in Life Well Learned. With more than a decade of media experience, interviewing everyone from celebrities to the everyday real-life heroes who helped shape and build our country, Mantel uses a refreshingly human approach to connect with experts, educators and community influencers from all facets of life. Known for her self-defacing and sarcastic style, Mantel’s unique ability to encourage genuine conversation rather than just recycled talking points and stock phrases is paramount. The product is a multi-dimensional platform that everyone can relate to, wherever they are in life. Mantel has navigated this exciting new initiative with a mix of professionalism, quick-wit, and sophistication, educating and informing audiences in an entertaining way to ensure that people’s lives are truly well learned. 

Mantel received a bachelor’s degree in interpersonal communications with a focus in marketing and promotions from Bowling Green State University. Mantel’s bubbly (and maybe a little bit sarcastic) disposition and penchant for sharing recipes and self-deprecating stories garnered a following from listeners in the Northeast and Midwest during her previous tenure in radio. The director of professional enhancement at Medaille College, Mantel also serves as VP for strategic development for FC Buffalo, helping manage operations and outreach for the local amateur soccer club. A native Texan, former Ohioan and current resident of Buffalo, N.Y., she’s got a soft spot for The Golden Girls and Spartacus the Diabetic Cat.